Blinx Digital: Brand Guidelines


Blinx Solutions were looking to rebrand and split the business into two new brands: Blinx Digital & Blinx Healthcare.

Previously I had created a new logo for both brands and now needed to develop the brand guidelines to help employee’s see how each part of Blinx’s brand should be used: including tone of voice, colours, typography and apparel.


UX/UI Designer

Brand research, competitor research, colour psychology research.

16th – 20th August


Blinx Solutions is a real-time digital business application designed to help companies manage processes and drive continuous improvements through advanced analytics and Business Intelligence. With its unique gamified UI and ability to integrate with everything from large-scale ERPs (SAP, ORACLE, SAGE, DYNAMICS) to spreadsheets, Blinx is transforming the way businesses manage their processes and maximise the use of their data.

Understanding the brief

Now that I had created two logos and a presentation deck displaying some basic guidelines around how to use them, it was decided that the company needed a full branding exercise done to marry everything up to the new brand.

To accomplish this, I needed to create a brand guidelines document encompassing featured areas around the companies story, the brand as a whole, the voice of the brand, the logo and how to use it, the colour psychology behind the brand and the typeface used.