Blinx Solutions: Business Rebrand


Blinx Solutions were looking to rebrand and split the business into two new brands: Blinx Digital & Blinx Healthcare.

In my first couple of weeks at Blinx, I was sent a logo that an outsourced agency had been working on and was asked to develop it further. From here I began looking into slightly different styles of the original idea so that this logo suited a techy audience and looked a little more modern.


UX/UI Designer

Brand research, competitor research, logo ideation, brand development, brand guidelines.

9th – 13th August


Blinx Solutions is a real-time digital business application designed to help companies manage processes and drive continuous improvements through advanced analytics and Business Intelligence. With its unique gamified UI and ability to integrate with everything from large-scale ERPs (SAP, ORACLE, SAGE, DYNAMICS) to spreadsheets, Blinx is transforming the way businesses manage their processes and maximise the use of their data.

Understanding the brief

It was a little more difficult for me to come into this project halfway through not having a full brief. I only received an early version of the icon that was needing to be developed further.

The logo I recieved from the external agency that had been worked on.

In my previous roles, as a graphic designer, I would have sat down with the client, discussed the requirements and the message the client wanted their logo to say. I would also look into competitors and look at other logos they liked. However, this is an early process and I had missed this. So to make up for this I sat down with the CEO at Blinx and asked 3 simple questions :

  1. Do you prefer a thick or thin font weight?
  2. Are you leaning towards a Serif or Sans-Serif font?
  3. Are you set on the logo being uppercase or lowercase?

Hearing the response from this, along with seeing the progress made before I joined the project allowed me to gain a better understanding of the brief and allowed me to start designing some options.

Logo ideas

After working with Blinx and the external agency to find out more about the brief, I then began working on some ideas. I knew at this point that one main feature of the logo had to be the bubbles coming out of the b. I then began working through some other ways of working with this and came up with a few ideas (in the image below).

After receiving feedback from the above, we agreed that the curved B was the direction we wanted to go with the logo. This then became the base for my final logo designs. I only had to work on more colour ways for this. The idea was that we use a red/purple gradient for ‘Digital’ and a blue/green gradient for ‘Healthcare’.

The Building the Final Logo’s

The first thing I finalised in the logo was the Icon. This was an important part of the design process as I believe this is the part of the brand I’d love to become instantly recognisable without the need for the rest of the logo. This simple ‘B’ will stand out on social media posts, app headers or business cards and people will instantly associate this with Blinx (be it Digital, Healthcare or any future ventures the business starts).

I then worked through many different ways of developing the rest of the logo and researched many different typeface combinations and finally landed on the following designs for both. The use of lowercase font with the bold icon separate from the text allowed me to create a modern and fashionable logo. This also allowed the possibility of a responsive logo. This means that the logo has 3 set types; Icon, Vertical and Horizontal (seen below).