Smartgate Group: Website Development


While working at a marketing agency in Chester, Smart Gate became a client as a start up and required a website that had an ‘Apple’ feel to it. This site had to be modern, interactive and state of the art (Sounds easy right?). As we all know, to pull off an apple style, Scandinavian feel website can be very difficult.


UX/UI Designer & Web Developer

Sole designer and developer on this project, working directly with the client from initial kickstart meetings fully through to deploying the website.

Wireframing the solution

I began by doing my research into other styles of websites the client liked. After looking through a few of these I had a rough idea of the style they were after and new this was going to be split into very visual chunks of information.

Starting with a rough sketch in a meeting with the client, later developed into a digital screen sketch (seen below) helped us roughly plan the information and flow of the page. I then created a high fidelity wireframe (to the right of the screen sketch).

Crisp, clean and concise.

This might be one of my favourite websites I’ve created. This site met the brief and constantly kept the user engaged with the dynamically built content.

By creating the notification popup on the phone display, users were able to gain a real life experience of the product simply by scrolling on the site – quite like Apple, which was part of the brief. Unfortunately, this site has since been taken down as the client didn’t pay my employer. However, I’ve kept my local copy and added it to my own hosting service to show off the hard work put into this.