Speedy Freight: The Customer Portal


Speedy Freight by Eddie Stobart, are a client of ours at Blinx and have already been using the Transport Management System (TMS) that we built.

However, we were asked to create a new application that will come in two parts; The Customer Portal & The Drivers Portal. This is how I created the customer side of the application.


Lead UX/UI Designer

Solo designer on this project, taking the design from initial screen sketches after stakeholder meetings and requirement gathering, to the final prototype.


Before ideating and starting to sketch, I sat with stakeholders at both Speedy Freight and at Blinx and discussed what was required from the application at a very high level. It was clear after this that the MVP (minimum viable product) was simple: 3 pages were needed to show the following.

  1. Jobs
  2. Invoices
  3. Proof of delivery (PODs)

I used this to create the sitemap for the application.

Running before I Can Walk

Due to this being a commissioned piece of work, the client required this to be complete extremely quickly. After working with them to gather requirements and draw out the sitemap, the team needed a proof of concept designed that week. This being the case, I had to skip my normal design flow and go straight to high-fidelity prototyping.

Whilst this helped speed the project along, I’d rather not skip vital discovery sessions in future and if the application had anymore requirements I would have suggested we move the deadline to accommodate proper ideation.